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Database Mastery

Database Mastery

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This is a packed 3 week course to BUILD, MAINTAIN, and PROFIT from your Past Clients, Centers of Influence, and other Databases.
Taught by Donna Stott who helped build and manage a 33,000 record database over 14 years resulting in over $2M in gross commission income per year!
  • 95% of all agents doing over 100 deals a year get 75%+ of their business FROM THEIR DATABASE.
  • Whether you want 25 or 225 deals a year, we can show you how to create the plan to get there.
    • Think about this... How often DO people move? Conservatively, every 10 years... If you had 1000 people in your database and worked them properly, that would result in at least 100 deals a year PLUS those they refer to you! - Are you ready to build an EXTREMELY DUPLICATABLE business starting NOW? Sign up....

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